About Us

Welcome to our web site. Here's a little history about Pattis Pantry.We have been serving breakfast and lunch since September 2006. Many moons ago I started baking in my easy bake oven. My Dad and I would bake and make crafts together.  Dad would take me to many quaint places over the years. In each one I would keep a little piece of their memories with me to use in my own quaint dream restaurant someday. 


Many years later I was so fortunate to be able to open my own place. It was in Ontario New york and  was just the right stepping stone to get me where I am today. Unfortunalty my father never got to see either one of my restauarnts but he has been with me in spirit all the way.


I was so blessed to have my mother by my side for most of this adventure. She was my best supporter, my confidant, my hostess and my best friend. I lost my mother and a huge piece of me in August 2016. But she would have wanted me to forge ahead and that is the plan.


I hope you find the Pantry warm and inviting and filled with fun treasures and awesome home cooked food and the friendliest of faces to greet you.


We are open 7 days a week Monday thru sunday 8am -2pm. We are also closed major hoildays so please check here or on our facebook page .

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